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Covid-19 Rebate

Why is it that those that are powerful get help. Those that are minority groups get help, those that are special corporations get help. What about the rest of us? We have bills to pay, We are losing our jobs, - which have supported those less fortunate than us Canadians. We are losing our homes - and ourselves. Most Canadians live payday-to-payday. Why isn't the government giving each Canadian the same financial help? This is effecting us all. Why isn't everyone getting help. And right now.  Issue a Covid-19 Aide Relief check to each Canadian family. Replace he GST Rebate and call it the Covid-19 Aide Relief Check but give it to each Canadian family and RIGHT NOW. Why isn't our Canadian...

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Wuhan China wet (open) markets As we see the true effects of how each country is intertwined with each other. Not only for import, export,  but the true impact - of life. I believe that people forget that when you are a farmer, or a butcher, that certain precautions have to be taken for the proper handling of food. We do not have open (wet) food markets in Canada for that reason. For the safety of all. I understand that China's tradition is the open (wet) food markets - which was okay how many years ago and only supporting a small number of people. That's all we had.  That has dramatically changed as the population has increased multi -fold. As we...

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New To Toy Play

Just like anything new, playing with toys for the first time can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. And just like anything else - take it one step at a time. Start small. And have some fun.    Remember, this is to be fun. So enjoy !!  Whether you are in Regina or not, Miss Kitty can help you in your new toy venture. We can video call. I still remember how it was for me the first time I walked into a store- and never having seen these items before - not only was I overwhelmed but I didn't know what to start with. What all the items where for. This is why when you shop at House...

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