In listening to the radio an announcer commented that he's cancelling his amazon account. Everyone should follow his lead. What ? Really? His lead should have been not buying stuff from china that he could have bought right here in his own community. They keep saying buy local - but they don't even practice what they preach. And if you are small business you have to pay large amounts of money to get any air time. But if you are big business they will barter with big business for air slots for services that big business provides. No money exchanges. Shouldn't it be the other way around? So these big business are not paying any actual money and I bet they right it all off. 

    Yeh, The radio stations want us to buy air space, to support them. But they             don't support local ma and pa shops unless your Tim's and such. 

     Our City Hall - where is your phone system at? Are you keeping money here in the city?  our province?