STAY SAFE Covid-19


So very get important. But getting supplies for yourself or family can be difficult. Have one person get supplies for the family. Don't take your children with you. Or get items delivered to your door. Use Social Distancing as a MUST DO. Do you really want to take the chance that they are following the rules like you are? Don't put yourself in danger or your family. You can still be civil with Social Distancing. 

When items bought are coming into your home - wipe down the outside of boxes before putting away. So easy. 

Wash your hands at least 20 seconds with soap. and do so regulary.

It might be a good time to quit


                                    biting your fingernails

                                    anything that puts your hands more to your face area

Have clean food prep areas

if you don't need to order take out food - don't - too many staff in one location. If one person infected higher chance for yourself to be infected through even just packaging. Make a coffee at home. Read a book. Or do some spring cleaning.

Stay positive -as we are all in this - you are not alone

Keep an area for outside clothes separate from living area.

Cell Phone - don't bring cell phone to your ear - put it on speaker - so easy.

Every little thing will help !!!!!

If you need help please reach out to someone.

Thank you

Miss Kitty