Wuhan China wet (open) markets

As we see the true effects of how each country is intertwined with each other. Not only for import, export,  but the true impact - of life. I believe that people forget that when you are a farmer, or a butcher, that certain precautions have to be taken for the proper handling of food. We do not have open (wet) food markets in Canada for that reason. For the safety of all. I understand that China's tradition is the open (wet) food markets - which was okay how many years ago and only supporting a small number of people. That's all we had.  That has dramatically changed as the population has increased multi -fold. As we are not individual countries, we are all one. You cannot continue with old practices that where in place for a small community many years ago. It creates ill born areas that will continue to change and to grow. We are all connected in this world. This Covid-19 should have been prevented. Due to old food practices - it has endangered many. In many countries. Can we send them our bills?  What happens after? What repercussions are they going to have to face? What happens the next time? For such a large country to have such lapse regulations. It doesn't matter who the country is. It matters that it should not have happened. And to have your government be slow in protecting it's citizens. And humanity. We are all intertwined.