This Week's Dics To Pick From

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  • Best Dic
  • Hairiest Dic
  • Longest Dic
  • Thickest Dic
  • The Snake Dic !! - Longest & Thickest Dic
  • Is That  A 1 Dave Dic - The Limpest Dic
  • All I Want To Do Is Fuck/Lick/Suck This Dic - The Sexiest Dic
  • The Shape Of Your Dic - The Most Freakish To Fuck Dic - Oh Yeh 
  • Where's Walldo's Dic - Smallest Dic
  • Just Not A Dic For Me - The Virgin Dic
  • Best Balls On A Dic You Want To Stuff In Your Face
  • Get Ready To Lick - Best Cum Shot On A Dic
  • Best Head On A Dic U Want To Suck/Lick