Inga Love Doll
Inga Love Doll
Inga Love Doll
Inga Love Doll
Inga Love Doll

Inga Love Doll

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All our dolls are made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is a kind of high elasticity, high strength and high rebound material. Manufacture with precision from Injection molding process, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, it’s soft touching. A solid stainless steel built in skeleton ensure a long term stability. This skeleton has real life joints: shoulders – elbows –wrists – hands – knees – ankles- feet – hips, all these parts are mobile. Oral, vaginal and anal orifices are all operational.

All our dolls come with:
A wig
A sexy baby doll
A comb
White gloves
A flushing basic canister
A USB heating probe

Handling care
1. In order to keep your product in top condition, when not in use keep in a lying position. 
2. It is a little heavy, then when moving it, please be careful firstly for you secondly avoid dropping or knocking. 
3. Don’t let dark clothes on it for long period, dark clothes may transfer their coloration.
4. It should be cleaned from time to time (around every 20 days), for the general body: use a mild shower soap. The head must be taken off and cleaned separately, never soaked the head completely in water. Do not use strong disinfectant or alcohol, or rough surface to wash it.
5. Washing the intimate parts: our dolls come with a flushing canister, it is recommended to flush these parts after each use with hot water and very soft soap. Or if you prefer, use a condom to avoid having to clean.
6. After cleaning, dry it with a towel and put some talk powder and lastly it is recommended to cover the doll with a light, ample white cloth during storage to prevent dust from sticking to it. NOTE: talk powder is always recommended as soon as you feel the material becomes sticky.
7. Use mild shampoo for washing the wig and let it dry naturally.
8. Avoid sharp objects to become in contact.
8. If by accident a cut in the skin happens, it is easily repairable with TPE glue. Many examples on the web are shown how to do it. 
9. Avoid to let it in direct sun.
10. Avoid being near a source of intense heat, it could alter it and it is flammable.

Guaranteed Hygiene 
Our dolls have been packed from the manufacturer and are never manipulated after. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RETAILERS: we understand it is imperative for the consumers to feel the texture of the product, this is why each doll comes with a piece of the skin, this way no one has to touch the doll itself.

Weight: 47kg
Height: 170cm
Breast: 105cm
Waist: 57cm
Hip: 95cm
Feet Size: 21cm
Vagina Depth: 18cm
Anus Depth: 18cm
Oral Depth: 15cm